Camp Pearl Ministries

Hello Brothers~

Camp Pearl Ministries is thankful to announce its continuing partnership with Piedmont International University in providing an opportunity for all the churches in our fellowship to bring seminary classes and training to our people. Piedmont’s unique e4-12 education program provides both a Master of Arts in Ministry Degree and an Enrichment training program. 

Piedmont International University is known for two things: strengthening the local church always seeking to use the newest technologies for higher education and ministry training.  The e4-12 program is an innovative system of distributed education providing university level training at community college prices directly in and through Camp Pearl Ministries. Piedmont International University can offer the very best of graduate level education with tuition at $99 per credit hour for those taking for credit and $39 per course for those taking the course for personal enrichment. 

The "e4-12" name was chosen based on the two desired results from Ephesians 4:12 where the Lord gives gifted teachers to the church to “equip the saints for ministry” and build the body. Camp Pearl Ministries’ purpose statement is “to serve and support Bible teaching churches in Louisiana and Southeast Texas and help meet the spiritual needs in their communities Our goal is to assist churches by graduating Christian leaders who are: 1) competent in Biblical and theological knowledge, 2) strong in their personal faith, 3) skilled in ministry, 4) outstanding in communication 5) prepared to understand and engage their culture with courageous proclamation of the gospel and confident defense of the faith. 

Here's how e4-12 works. The Master of Arts in Ministry degree is a 30 credit hour program made up of ten courses that each feature twelve, professionally filmed, 50-minute video classes that will be streamed and played in a classroom here at Camp Pearl. Students who are seeking the master's degree must hold a recognized bachelor's degree and will individually enroll online at Piedmont. They will then gather each Tuesday evening here at Camp Pearl to watch the video classes. Between classes students will individually log on to Piedmont's Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams. By following the normal sequence, a student can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree for less than $3,000 of total tuition.

In addition, there's also a very affordable option for those who don't have a bachelor's degree. An enrichment option will be available for only $39 per course for those who won't be seeking a master's degree. This program is not just for pastors or others serving in full-time ministry, but for serious Christians who want to go deeper in the Word, understand contemporary Christian issues, and take ministry to the next level.  If you have general questions about e4-12 or enrolling, please go to go to and then click on “important links” to register. Dr. Byron Edens is the Vice President of Piedmont and the Executive oversight of e4-12 and our Partnership. He can be reached at or at 423-308-9652 to assist you and walk you through the application. 

Our next courses offered are Apologetics and Hermeneutics and will begin on Tuesday, January 15 at 6:30 PM. We will offer the Apologetics course first followed immediately by the Hermeneutics course.  All applications for those seeking a Masters Degree need to be received by December 14th.  We can register  those taking it for Enrichment through January 15th. Please share this information with persons in your church who may have an interest in this opportunity. Thanks so much!


R. Don Barrett

Executive Director

Camp Pearl Ministries